Let me pray for you…

The Bible commands us to pray for one another and though I realize I may be opening up a huge pandora’s box here, I want to pray for you.  If you have a prayer request, send it to me via a “comment” and know that I will join with you in that request.

Jeremiah 33:3 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible.  “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show you great and mighty things which you know not.”

I believe that God answers prayer and that He wants and desires the best for us.  Remember though that our desire should always remain that God’s will be done.  He knows what is best and in accordance to His will.  We must trust that as we pray.

Also remember that prayer is not just about asking for things.  Praise and adoration are an important part of worship and prayer.  So if you have something you want to praise God for, share it with me.  Regarding worship, my son Daniel (www.danielharper.us) has taught me what it is all about in his song, “Give it All.”  Thanks Daniel!



Its been awhile since I’ve been on this page been here are just a few prayer requests…

* Pray for Clay Phillips mom and dad and his close friends.  Clay died in a car accident last week.

* My speaking engagement this week

– Christ Church FCA this Friday, 02/12/10

* A few weddings coming up:  Michael Straup and Krystal Lowe, Mike Ciochetti and Holly Wilson Macaulay and Grayson Pitts and Kimberly Kyzer.

* My mom starts volunteer work this month at her local hospital in VA!

* My Niece Michele in Belfast, ME – recent surgery, recovering

* Continue to pray for Bryce Caisons family and friends



This is from a buddy of mine in Spartanburg.  Please pray for his dad!!

Lewis Tucker from Spartanburg. (We met at the Marriott a while back.) I”m friends with some folks you know. I really enjoy reading your Blog.

Do you have a prayer group or prayer tree? My Dad has been hospitalized with COPD. His lungs will never get better. But, I’m praying for comfort, no pain and suffering. A decent quality of life, and generally just some peace of mind for him, until God calls him home.

Thanks Garry. Because of the character you exhibit, you’re one of my favorite Gamecocks, all time.

Lewis Tucker
Spartanburg, SC


Here are a few other requests that I would plead with you to pray for…

1) Will and Julie Caison (Blake and Baylee) – their son and brother died in ’09 and they will need strength, encouragement and friendship in ’10.  These are great folks and an incredible young couple that have and will continue to have a legacy to pass along through Bryce’s 3 years here.  He is in heaven now and certainly already experiencing what we hope and believe we’ll experience one day.

2) Ron Brookshire and his 3 children (Victoria, Maria, Jacob) – Ron’s wife and the 3 childrens mother died Christmas eve.  Please pray for Ron as he leads his family (and extended family).

3) Tony Shinta – a dear friend of ours whose father passed away during the holidays.

4) My cousin Shirley Greiner – has been diagnosed with cancer.  She is one of the funniest, coolest cousins a person could ask for.  They live in Minnesota and she needs our prayers!

Thanks and hope ya’ll all have an incredibly blessed 2010!



Please pray for Dr. Jimmy Dukes and his family as his wife, Retia Dukes passed away.  Dr. Dukes was my mentor at New Orleans and he and his wife were hit by a car in New Orleans.  She was a great great lady!  Their 2 sons, Erik and Jason are incredible young men.

Please pray for Kimberly Kyzer’s mother who is going through some health issues with her heart.  Kimberly is in our home group at NewSpring Church.

Please pray for Shane and Shannon.  They left for Boston today and will be with Daniel on his birthday (August 8th).

Please pray for my mom and her health!!



Please pray for my mom as she recovers from minor surgery today.  Surgery went great.  She will have to go back for a checkup as her body is low on oxygen and she gets out of breath quickly.

Please pray for Anthony Porter.  15 year old was in a car accident Wednesday.  Surgery was last night and it went well.  He has/had a hole in his knee and they repaired it!  Amazing.



Please pray for our Sheriffs (Chuck Wright) son, Justin.  He is in the military and is a fireman and he fell off a 35′ balcony.  Prognosis is good but please keep praying.  Thanks!


Please pray for a friend of ours, Jeremy Ford who has a job interview TODAY!

Please pray for a friend of mines (Gerald Turner) daughter.  See below…

Our daughter, Karen Anders, who is a missionary in Tanzania, called this morning from Tanzania and asked us to pray for her. She has been diagnosed as having the H1N1 (swine) flu virus. Not only does she want us to pray for her but for the other people she was around at the SIL conference July 5th through July 16th. She does not know how long the incubation time is. Please get the word out to praying people to pray for her. As most of you may know she had breast cancer 11 years ago and the clinic in Dar es Salaam has been keeping a close check on her and they have not found a trace of the cancer for several years. I pray that the medicines she takes will not leave her in a weakened condition and less able to overcome the H1N1 virus.  I will let you know of her progress.Gerald Turner, her Father

Please do pray for Jeremy Vangsnes and his brothers who were in the car accident in Montana.

Please pray for my Uncle Fred in Cairo, GA.  He has been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease).



Please pray for my mom as she will be having minor surgery here in the next few weeks.

Please pray for a relative of mine that is going through a divorce after many years of marriage.

Please pray for Michael Peay and Kayla Baker – they are getting married on August 8th in Reidville, S.C.   Great young couple that will make a huge difference in their generation!



Will everyone please say a prayer for this family.  Dale (dad), Sandy (mom), Grayson and Tinsley.  Sandy has breast cancer and has been fighting it for a couple of years now.  They just discovered that Dale has Astrocytoma brain cancer.  Anaplastic astrocytoma is another name for the cancer.  It is a grade 3 meaning the aggressiveness of the tumor.  This kind of cancer cannot be cured as of now.  You have to continue to fight it forever.  Anaplastic astrocytoma is in the same family as Gary’s.  The only difference is the grading.  Gary was a 4.  This cancer puts microscopic cells throughout the brain so you fight them with chemo and radiation.  He has an appointment with Dr. Walls at 9 am on Wednesday; he is an oncologist.  He is be in charge of Dale’s treatments as of now.  Whitney did ask if the problems Dale was having would get better or are they permanent.  They cannot tell us as of now.  The part that is in the brain stem is also from this tumor.


Please pray for Dennis and Tammy Lindey as they prepare for a mission trip to Las Vegas.  Pray for…

1. Pray for our safe travel.
2. Pray that God will prepare your heart to be a usable vessel.
3. Pray for the people we will come in contact with.
4. Pray that God will forever change your life through this mission trip.
5. Pray for LifeSong Church Las Vegas and Lyman
6. Pray for the homeless ministry.
7. Pray expecting God to do something great.



Please pray for a family I met today that has recently experienced separation.  The wife wants reconciliation but the husband has wandered from the faith.  I’ll hold off on their names but the Lord knows them.  Please pray for God to intervene and for this family (12 and 10 year old chilren) to come together!



Please pray for Shelley’s parents.   I work with Shelley and she lives in Indianapolis.  Her folks are in their 70’s and need to sell their house and move closer to the kids in Indy.

Please pray for Eden Richardson from Newspring.  She is delivering her child as I type this at GHS in Greenville, SC.

Please pray for Brian Williamson from Newspring.  His chrones disease is acting up.

Please pray for Daniel this weekend – he’s singing in a wedding in Aiken.  We are thankful he is home for a few days.

Shane is traveling home right now from the Dominican Republic and arrives in Charlotte this evening.  We’re going to pick him up.  Pray for his safe travels to Charlotte and then back to Louisville during the night (Driving).



Thank you for your prayers as we remain alongside one another, agreeing together on behalf of these folks.  Here is another prayer request for you…

Please pray for my friend Tony from the Duncan, SC area.  He has been out of a job for 4 months now and his severence has run out.  I’m sure many of you have heard of similar stories but please pray for him and his wife.  They are a precious couple!


Please pray for Erica Clement whose boyfriend, Ben Mauldin, passed away on Sunday, 6/7/09.  His parents are Barry and Moleita and he has a brother Tim.  Ben had just purchased a diamond and was going to propose to her today.  Very tragic and difficult situation.

A high school friend, Eddie, that needs Jesus!

Seminary students, specifically Paul, but others that desperately need financial assistance!

Mine and Karens drive to Boston this Tuesday to move Daniels things to him and then our flight to Hawaii to visit Kara.  We’re excited but it will be some work involved.



Please pray for an old High School friend named Eddie.  He needs Jesus!

Continue to pray for Daniel in Boston as he shares his faith with others.

Pray for Karen and I as we travel to Boston and Hawaii to see Daniel and Kara.



Please pray for Beth Parrish – her 25 year old son (would have been 26 this Friday) died of a heart  attack while driving.  Matt Orr is his name.  Pray for Matt’s wife/widow, Nerissa and their 4 children.

Please pray for my friend Justin as he works through life issues and pursues truth!

Please continue to pray for Anna and Joseph as they grieve the loss of their child (7 months then miscarried).

Pray for my mom as she drives to our home to pet sit while Karen and I move Daniels things to Boston and then on to Hawaii to visit Kara!



Please pray for a New Orleans Seminary student, his name is Paul.  He has described a financial circumstance which sounded all too familiar to Karen and I as we went through Seminary.  Finances are slim and even good management seems to not be enough.  Pray for Gods intervention to provide for this family (3 children).  If you can and want to assist financially, let me know and we’ll make it happen for them.  THANKS!

Please pray for Joseph and Anna Fowler.  They are the young couple that had a miscarriage after 7 months.  I am performing a memorial service for them tomorrow morning.  Pray for God’s comfort for them and for patience and understanding in the days ahead.



Please pray for Joe and Anna Fowler.  Anna is a Deputy with the Spartanburg Sheriffs office and she was 7 months pregnant and lost her baby this evening. (see blog entitled Baby Ellison Fowler)

Please pray for John and Anna Paddock.  They are praying for a child and trying appropriate avenues.  Pray for them to have patience and to trust God.

Continue to pray for Daniel to find a job in Boston – things are looking promising.   (ANSWERED!  He was hired today and starts Monday) Pray for Kara while she is in Hawaii to have courage and boldness to witness for Christ.



Please pray for Kara.  Pray for her to have courage and boldness with her faith while in Hawaii.  She is being challenged and attacked but I know and believe that as she takes risk for God, He will bless her immensely!



Please pray for Daniel as he leaves for Boston tomorrow to find a job.  his flight is at 9:20am out of Charlotte. We’ll be moving his stuff up on June 9th and he moves into his apt sometime around June 1st.  He’ll be staying with friends until then.

Continue to pray for Cameron Mann.  The 17 year old from Newspring Church seriously injured in a car accident.  He is doing very well and recuperating at GHS.

Pray for Newspring Church, Greenville campus as they continue to prepare for “the” great move to a bigger facility.

Kara in Hawaii – I know, I k now, but she’s my baby and just want her to have a great experience!



Please pray for Daniels move to Boston this Friday, 5/22/09.  This is phase I.  He is going there to look for a job and then we’ll move his stuff up on June 9th and move him into his new apt.

Pray for Newspring Church, Greenville Campus, as we move from Roper Mtn to the Carolina First Center.  Keep Howard Frist and staff in your prayers.



With that said, would you pray for Cameron Mann.  He is a 17 year old who was in a car accident.  He is in Greenville Hospital’s ICU with head injuries.  We are trusting God to heal him.  His mom and dad and little brother Connor are a precious family and I know your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Also, Corey Kabels grandmother passed away this weekend.  I thank God for grandparents.  They usually live long lives that effect generation after generation and I praise God for them.  Pray for Corey’s family as they grieve, BUT not as those without hope.

Finally, Poppa Joe, Belinda Snow’s dad passed away over the weekend as well. His funeral was Monday, May 18th.  Continue to pray for this family.

Thank you and I love you and continue to pray for YOU!


22 responses

25 05 2009

Pray for those that I live with here in Hawaii and for the people I meet here. I have already been faced with arguments and disagreements with beliefs and all I can do is share it and plant that seed. I almost broke out in tears today, as I was faced with a religious attack on my beliefs like I’ve never had. No one has ever attacked my beliefs and refused to listen to me like that before. I’ll tell you more about it later Daddy. I love you!!

25 05 2009

Me and Mom are praying for you without ceasing precious! We love you and are proud of you!!!

27 05 2009
Annie (Anderson) Rosenblatt

Please pray for my husband. He is in a very bad place right now. Suffering from depression due to his entire department getting layed off WHILE he was out on short term disability leave for total knee replacement, (since Dec. 08), and has been unable to get a job in this economy. He is amazingly smart, double majored in college, is an opera tenor, and feels he has let his family down. Thank God I got hired today, but his depression has reached serious levels. He needs a break. We are short selling our $500K house in Orlando, lost one of our cars, okay to be down to one car with him not working. Want a better life for our 6 year old. I am so proud of you for becoming the man you are, and consider myself lucky to know you. All the prayers can’t hurt, and I humble myself to ask.
God Bless

27 05 2009


You can count on me to pray for your husband. The economic issues are real and depression is real. Truthfully, God knows your husbands circumstances and I’m certain that God desires for each of us to put Him first and then he’ll take care of the tomorrows. Know your loved and respected and appreciated and keep holding on to the anchor! (Hebrews 6:18-19)

18 “so that by two unchangeable things, in which l it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to hold fast to the hope m set before us. 19 We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul…”


28 05 2009
Bonnie Bordges

I will be praying for your precious Kara…what a great girl…you should be so proud…God has really blessed you…she is going to be fine…and what a wonderful witness she will be…she seems like a strong smart girl! Please continue praying for Eric…spiritually and just his attitude in general…please pray for Godly friends and that the Lord protects him…Thanks for all you do!

28 05 2009
Bonnie Bordges

I will also be praying for Annies husband…tell him to hang in there…God will open something up…he has always worked out everything perfectly for me…it takes time and faith….and LOTS of patience!…it is sometimes scary but when you look back, everything is perfectly clear! JUST KEEP PRAYING!

1 06 2009
Paul South

Please pray for us. I hate praying for things, but we have one car that’s dead and the other on death’s door. We actually need to buy another vehicle, but we are severely “upside down” on the minivan we currently have. Too, our finances and credit have taken a hard hit since coming to seminary in 2006. All three kids are going to school in the fall, and as you know, public schools in post-Katrina NOLA are not an option. We need God’s wisdom and His provision.
Thank you.
In Christ,

1 06 2009

Paul, man I’ve been there and it sounds like you are describing Karen and I…seriously. We had to buckle down and sacrifice but even then, even with better management of the finances, it required God’s intervention. He has called us to obedience before sacrifice and just stay obedient. I pray for wisdom for you as you lead your family and man, beyond prayer, if the Lord blesses us accordingly, I will send help your way…thats a promise! I know your not asking for anything, just stay confident in the Lord (Prov 3:5-6). Love you man!!

1 06 2009
Paul South

Thanks, Garry. Love you, buddy. How may we pray for you all?

2 06 2009
Paul South

I will be praying for Annie and her husband. I have learned two things in seminary: First, I am an idiot. Second, and most important, God is faithful in all things. I cling to that when times are hard.
Grace and peace,

14 06 2009
Pam Shinta

Hi Garry,
Add to your prayer request. Tony has been out of a job now for 4 months. He is getting bored sitting at home. His severance pay is up. Pray God will lead him to the job He has already lined up for him.
I’m glad you have a prayer blog. Because I know how God answers the prayers of his servants. We appreciate you, your family and your friendship. We’re praying for ya’ll as you’re in Hawaii. Can’t wait to see all the pictures ! Love in Christ, Pam

21 12 2009
Pam Shinta

12/21/09 Garry, Be in prayer for Tony’s dad, Ralph, who has been at SRHS a weeek now and was moved to ICU this afternoon. Dr’s aren’t 100 % certain, but think maybe he had a stroke . His heart rate and BP have elevated “alot” and meds don’t seem to be helping at this time. Having difficult time breathing, now on oxygen. Very sad to see him lying there in his condition. Tony is the oldest child and is dealing with his dads illness, ( Pap was placed in Assisted living this past August – has sundowners alhemizers) His health has very quickly declined. Pap always looks forward to Christmas, he eagerly looks forward for all three od his sons, and their families to get together to eat, and share stories, usually of Tony and his middle brother. This Christmas will be different .
Remember Tony also. It’s tearing him apart to see his dad in this condition, he feels so helpless.
Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for posting this prayer website. Thank you and Karen for being the Christain Husband and wife that God honors. Thank you, Pam

22 12 2009

Pam, we will absolutely be praying for Tony. Send me his cell number and I will try giving him a call in the next day or so. Love ya’ll!

25 12 2009
Pam Shinta

Sorry I haven’t replied before now, things have been a liitle crazy. Tony’s dad passed away 12/23/09 around 10:15-10:20 am. . Arrangements : Funeral service at Floyds Greenlawn Chapel 3:00 receiving of friends -12/26/09, then will bury him at 4:00, Floyds Greenlawn cementary. We’re sad this Christmas, but remembering Why we celebrate this season helps. Pap isn’t suffering now, He’s in Heaven with his parents and our Lord Jesus.
Thank you for your prayers.
Tony’s cell number is 864-431-5855
Merry Christmas to you , Karen and the family. Love you guys …Pam

15 01 2010
linda sorensen

i love this site! i pray that God will bless it and all who see it.

15 02 2010
Melissa Holscher

I meet you at LBBC in June of last year and shared a prayer request of my family having marital discord. My husband left June 29 and it has been an extremely difficult path. We taught our children God’s standards for marriage and he has abandoned that standard. I had many concerns for my son and have bathed him in prayer. My son came up and gave you a hug this past Sunday which is very unusual. Your words, I believe, pierced his heart and helped him to see that I have been speaking God’s truth to him. He was excited to meet you and wants to be able to hear you again. I told him I would get more info and make sure we see you again. As for my husband, he has continued his path in divorcing me. However, I know God can intervene at any time. I continue to pray for my husband daily and for reconciliation of our family in God’s timing. God used you to reach my son and I wanted to thank you for your ministry. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family.

16 02 2010

Please stay encouraged. We live in a very sinful and self-centered culture and we all fail God miserably. Please stay the course and never cease from praying for your husband. With Jesus there is ALWAYS hope. I will continue praying for you and your family.

18 01 2012
Boxing News

I am constantly thought about this, regards for putting up.

24 01 2012
Kylie Davis

Garry I just love your blog, please pray for my husband Robbie, he is 31 and has Coronary Heart Disease. He has had 3 heart surgeries, a pacer and a defibrillator in place. He just got great news that after his last surgery in Oct, he is finally healed enough and has enough strength back in his heart (from 20% function to 45% function now) to return to the road full time as a police officer. He went back Monday, please continue to pray for him and his safety on the road and in health.

15 11 2014

Please pray for me. Facing a deadly, incurable disease unless God intercedes. Medications were given to prevent it, but they were the wrong ones. Now doctors don’t know what to do, but wait. Please, pray for protection, peace, a path, healing, and wisdom.

12 09 2015

hello, asking for prayer for my marriage. I have done all I know to do in the natural but my husband is still deciding to live his own life without me. He cannot seem to see any good in me and is bitter and resentful. thank you

23 03 2017

Hi Gary,
Thanks for speaking at element church in woodruff on march 5th.
The message was awesome and I would like to hear you again.
Please pray for my wife Carolyn’s surgery. God is always good.

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