In Honor of Bryce Caison…

21 11 2009

I Samuel 1:27-28

“I asked the Lord to give me this boy, and he has given me my request. Now I am giving him to the Lord and he will belong to the Lord his whole life.”

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 21st, we’ll remember and celebrate the life of  Wilbur Quinton “Bryce” Caison, IV.  He was an exceptional 3 year old boy that made a huge impact on so many people because of his courage and strength.  His mom and dad did an incredible job of raising him to have faith even at his young age.  His brother, Blake, and sister Baylee, loved their brother and honored him through their support of him as he battled cancer.  I’m proud of this family and we can all learn from them!

This week his parents shared a great story with me.  Will and Judy and their family are University of South Carolina Gamecock fans.  Brian Maddox, a Gamecock running back, is from Anderson.  Brian actually had the USC football team pray for Bryce and they dedicated the first game of this season to Bryce.  Brian was Bryce’s favorite player.  So here is something for them to remember him by…

Brian Maddox (10) vs. The University of Florida

I hope and pray everyone will not stop praying for this family.  There will be tough days ahead and they need their Christian friends and family to stay with them!  Pray for them at 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday, November 21st as we Celebrate Bryce’s life!

Thanks and God Bless You!