20 02 2012

I’ve always known my wife loves me.  She doesn’t always tell me in the same way that I tell her though.  I get my verbal communication about loving my wife from my mom…yea, I get it honestly.  Karen gets her communication skills from…well, God!  She is the most incredible servant on the planet earth.  Whenever I feel like I want or need to hear it from her, SHE SHOWS ME BY SERVING ME!  I was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and I have been as sick as I have probably ever been in my life.  It’s been horrible.  Then I “EXPERIENCE” her love and it is almost life changing.  I’m still very weak and not all there but I am so encouraged.  I feel the love and compassion and grace that LOVE is!  And that is making me feel better than ALL the medicine the doctor has me on.

I feel so blessed and frankly, probably needed the bodily rest.  I’ve been working 50-60 hours a week and I personally think I just got run down.  I am feeling rejuvenated and hope to get my energy back soon.  Our pastor has been preaching a series called OVERWHELMED!  I love my job, my family, my wife and all the opportunities I have to serve in life.  I can’t wait to get back at it.  A couple truths stand out from all this…

1) You can’t do life alone!

2) Serving is always better than being served but when you are being served, be grateful!

3) Keep your priorities straight.  I’ve hated missing work – I LOVE MY JOB and the PEOPLE I WORK WITH!  But I’ve been forced to rest!  It’s been very good.

4) Jesus is still the answer to everything.  Yea, this has forced me to rest and focus on ALL the truths I know about.  I’m so thankful for His grace and healing power.  Medicine is good, but a right relationship with Him is essential.

5) Finally, we’ve had friends check on us (Karen is sick now – upper respiratory infection), bring us things we’ve needed (thermometer, ginger ale, soup) and pray for us.  True friends are really rare and make sure you nourish those friendships with character and integrity.

Thank you for your prayers for Karen and I and I’m certain we’ll be back to full strength soon!  Go and cause God joy!



My Wifes BD and its significance…

28 04 2010

Karen’s significance starts with birth.  I praise God she was given life.  God knew when she was born that He brought her into this world for me.  To be my helper, my encourager, my assistant and my friend.

In Proverbs alone, a wife is mentioned 16 times.  A wife should eminate wisdom and Karen does that and more.  Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” Proverbs 12:4a says “A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown,”

Kara is home and she stayed up last night and baked Karen a Chocolate Ganosh cake.  She went all for her momma and to me, that is significant.  How many moms have their 22 year old daughter as a best friend and will go over the top for her on her Birthday.

Karen blowing out the candles on her cake that Kara baked her!

Karen’s significance is that she brings me great favor and she is my crown.  I don’t deserve her but neither do I deserve God’s grace.  I’ve always told young couples that a husband and a wife should be Jesus to one another.  Spouses should provide each other with love, encouragement, support, MERCY, GRACE, FORGIVENESS and all the other characteristics of God.  It’s a tough task and we’ll never be perfect at it, BUT, Karen epitomizes that more than anyone I have ever met.

After work I picked Karen and Kara up and surprised them with a pedicure (and Karen got a manicure as well) then on to Bergamo’s in Downtown Greenville.  We had SO much fun…

First, the pedicure!

Then the manicure...

Finally this! Dinner at Bergamo's. Thanks John Moore for recommending table #1.

Karen – I just wanted to thank you for being my wife, the mother of our children, my best friend and such a role model for so many other young women.  I am SO proud of you and hope and pray you have a great day today!

Karen enjoying her omellette and strawberries at breakfast this morning!

Proverbs 5:18

“May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.”

I'm the most blessed man in the world!


Disney, Youth and Rest…

31 03 2010

Karen and I at Universal Studios

Thought I would start this one off with a picture of Karen and I at Universal Studios.  We had such a great time at Disney.  Went to 4 parks (Magic Kingdom, Universal(MGM), Epcot and Animal Kingdom).  The roller coasters were a blast!

Me, Karen, Brenda Brooks and Connie Elder on the Tower of Terror!

I’m usually not a fan of roller coasters but we rode every one of them at least twice while we were there.  It was incredible.  And of course there was good old Mickey…

We had about 150 8th graders on this trip and they were great overall.  There will always be issues with 8th graders but we felt blessed to have some great girls that we were responsible for. Here is Karen with our girls…

Shaquaila, Samantha, Isabella, Summer, Harley and Karen!

We got to hang out with some good friends while we were there as well…

Me, Karen, Kevin McCurry, Connie Elder, Steve Deriso, Coco Henderson and Brenda Brooks

These are some of the best teachers, coaches and administrators in America today!

Here are some observations about the youth of today…

1) They have energy, and lots of it

2) That energy needs to be focused by mentors

3) Their minds are NOT fully matured yet, they wander

4) They want and need to be loved!

5) They have tremendous potential – they need adult time

6) They have a great sense of humor, they can dance and sing, and are great at DRAMA (if you know what I mean)

7) Did I say that they need to be disciplined in love?  They respond to that


I needed the rest.  Work has been intense the past few months and still is and it was just good to get away without the Blackberry and enjoy my wife and friends.  Yesterday was my birthday and what a great day it was…

1) My daughter made me a chocolate gonosh(sp?) cake

2) Karen and Kara surprised me with chocolate donuts for breakfast (catch the chocolate theme)

3) I worked

4) Karen had a few gifts for me (loved the clothes baby doll)

5) Karen took me to dinner and surprised me with our best friends, Andy and Karen joining us

6) Watched American Idol together

7) All my kids called me – I AM SO BLESSED!

Here is my point – life is short – live it to its fullest and trust Jesus for everything.  He tells us in John 10:10 that He came that we may have life and have it abundantly.  The key is to live a life of obedience, faithfulness and love.  He is Who He says He is and we can trust Him! So go and CAUSE HIM JOY today!!  Love ya’ll!  Mean it!!!!

Sledding with my baby!!

30 01 2010

WOW! The snow (and ice) came to town – finally!!!  Being from Miami, I love the snow and even the ice.  Karen and I spent the morning (and late afternoon) chillin, reading and relaxing.  We finally went outside where some neighbors were sledding and Karen and I couldn’t resist!!

Karen is the pretty one!

We had SO much fun.  We really do have some fantastic neighbors.  The sled Karen is holding belongs to a neighbor.  Its a Yankee Clipper.  He’s had it for 49 years and ya’ll – IT WAS FAST!  It actually scared me I went down the hill so fast.  Karen, nothing scares her!

Karen going about 100 mph!

We walked up and down the street sledding with different neighbors and just enjoyed the cold and the snow!

Again, she's the pretty one!

We came inside to warm up and Karen made us a cup of Hot Chocolate and we’re just enjoying the evening wondering how much ice we’ll have on the roads tomorrow.  Not sure we’ll be able to make it to church due to the roads but the beauty of it is that the church isn’t contained in a building but in one’s heart!  The Bible teaches that the Kingdom of God is in our midst – it is in us!  I like the fact that we are “IN CHRIST” so no matter where we are – we can experience His presence!

OK – I’m reading The Shack.  If you haven’t read it, you ought to.  It is a very extraordinary view of the nature  and character of God (and Jesus and the Holy Spirit).  I may blog about it when I finish.  Got about 50 pages left.  Its a pretty gripping story of the murder of a young child and a fathers search for answers.  Yea – a great read!  I’m going back to it now and hoping that I can continue to….


Whoever says wives can’t be fun is stupid!

17 01 2010

Karen and I went to church this morning, ate lunch at Atlanta Bread Company (used 2 for 1 coupon) and then came home and baked (and ate) a peach cobbler!  Man, it is SO MUCH FUN to be in the kitchen and be creative with your wife.  Here is what it looked like (Notice the Face on the crust)!  We laughed and had so much fun.  Come on guys – find ways man!!!!  Karen is SO much fun – I love this girl more today than I did yesterday or even 28 years ago!!

The Peach Cobbler!

And oh yea…

It was as much fun to cook as it was to eat! Alamode!!

Have a great week this week!  PRAY alot, WORK hard and have FUN at it!  CAUSE GOD JOY in the process!

Chandelle Fly In…And Karen Triking!

25 07 2009

One thing (Just ONE of the things) I LOVE about my wife is that she is adventurous!  I MEAN ADVENTUROUS!  She’ll do just about anything.  You don’t believe me?  Look at this…

Karen and Kelly Easler Taxiing to the Runway!

Karen and Kelly Easler Taxiing to the Runway!

That's Karen just after takeoff!

That's Karen just after takeoff!

This was the landing 15 minutes later...WHEW!

This was the landing 15 minutes later...WHEW!

Yea, we went to the Chandelle Pancake Breakfast Fly in today and had a blast.  You’ll have to check out ALL the pictures of some really cool planes on my facebook page.   A friend of ours, Cindy Goldberg invited us and we are SO thankful to have friends that consider us for “happenings” like this that provide us life experiences.  Seriously, we are SO GRATEFUL that the Lord allows us to experience life to its fullest.  John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give us life and to give it to us abundantly.  Well, I let Karen enjoy it her way and I stand by and watch because this stuff scares me to death…

This is Karen Skydiving on her 50th Birthday last year!

This is Karen Skydiving on her 50th Birthday last year!

Yea, you won’t catch me flying in a lawnmower with wings or jumping out of a plane and hanging on a kite.   But you know what, seeing her get the thrill of a lifetime makes me SO HAPPY!

This was one of our favorite planes!  Belongs to Mr. Hartness.

This was one of our favorite planes! Belongs to Mr. Hartness.

So if your in the mood, go do something exciting today and enjoy life!

************** CAUSE GOD JOY *****************

Ramblings before hitting the road…

9 06 2009

Spoke to our son Shane tonight and wow, we’re excited for him.  He is heading to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip next Saturday for a week.  This will be good preparation for him before he and his wife head to Africa in 2010.  Shannon can’t go on this trip so pray for both of them as they haven’t really been apart much in their 2 years of marriage.  They are SO supportive of one another and encouraging of one another and I just ask you to pray for the trip that lives will be touched and for them as they handle being away from each other for a week.  Here they are so you know who I’m talking about…

They are really a SPECIAL couple!

They are really a SPECIAL couple!

And our home group is special too!  We’ll miss them while we’re gone but I tell you, this is a group of about 8 couples that have it together and are pursuing godly marriages and families.  A real key is surrounding yourself around godly people that you can learn from, learn with and grow!  I need to get a picture of them soon and post it.  Maybe they will take a picture this Thursday night while they are cooking out at Josh’s house and EMAIL ME the picture. (now we’ll see if they are reading my blog!)  Karen and I love these guys so much.  Josh and Amy, John and Anna, Zach and Brandon, Harris and Anna, John and Cory, Kenny and Tiffany, Kevin and Erica and Jeremy and Amber…they all have a wonderful story to tell

Newspring (our church) – THANK YOU for being so responsive to the folks who have gone through crisis recently.  Our church is truly a body which ministers to the body.  The bible says that a minister is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and our staff does that.  But the important thing is that the people are obedient to the calling on their lives to fulfill their roles to serve.  I know that the Yeargin’s, the Clements and Mauldins, the Mann’s, the Parish’s and ALL the other families that have gone through recent crisis appreciate what you do!

Last bit of rambling before I hit the bed…my foursome shot a 2-under par at Thornblade Club today during the BI-LO Charity Classic.   George Rogers team shot a 12-under par and won the thing.   It was a great event that raised over $4 million dollars for local charities.  It’s still the largest 1-day charity golf classic in the nation and what a blessing it is to have it in our own back yard in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Oh yea, and my mom is here house and pet sitting for us.  She is the greatest mother in the world and I love her and appreciate her SO MUCH!  She’s just a great woman with a great heart.  Have I told you that she “was” (retired now) a 4-star cashier at Wal-mart in Va Beach, VA and she would tell everyone that came through her line that she loved them.  And if they wanted to know about Jesus…she wouldn’t hesitate to tell them WHO HE IS!  Her motto – “silver and gold have I none but what I do have, I give to you!” (Acts 3:6)

Thats my mom with my sister, Jan.  They live in Va Beach, VA.  Love them both!

Thats my mom with my sister, Jan. They live in Va Beach, VA. Love them both!

Me and Karen in the mountains (Yea, since this is ramblings I just had to stick that one in here and show her off!!)

Me and Karen in the mountains (Yea, since this is ramblings I just had to stick that one in here and show her off!!)

Keep causing God Joy!