About Garry Harper

My name is Garry Harper and I live in Duncan, SC with my precious wife of 29 (almost 30) years (June 5th).  We have 3 children, Shane (28), Daniel (26) and Kara (24).  Shane is married to Shannon and they live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He is a church planter there and also manages a Starbucks store.  They are an incredible couple seeking to serve the Lord with passion.  They have a one year old daughter, our granddaughter, Reese Carolina who is the apple of our eyes!  Our son Daniel attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA pursuing his love for music and is soon to be married to Emily Jelley – a beautiful young lady whom we love and adore.  They are getting married May 27, 2012 in Nashville, TN.  Our daughter Kara lives in Hawaii and works at Dolphin Quest on the big island at the Waikola Hilton as a hostess and Dolphin trainer.

I am originally from Hialeah, FL and came to THE University of South Carolina in 1977 to play QB.  I had the privilege of being the QB for the 1980 Heisman Trophy winner, George Rogers.  We are friends to this day and I help him with his foundation to raise money to send 1st generation students to College.

I spent 12 years with IBM and resigned in 1990 (worked another 2 years for them in New Orleans) and attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and majored in Old Testament/Hebrew.  I spent 10 years as a full-time Baptist minister.  In 1999 I entered back into the business world am became a VP for one of the largest Auto ID industry distributors in the US.  I then spent 7 years as a Client Exec for Agilysys in Greenville, S.C. and currently am the Director of Sales for a $10B IT Distributor in Greenville, S.C.

I am a member of the Spartanburg School District 5 School Board and am a Chaplain for the Spartanburg County Sheriffs office as well as the Byrnes High School football team.

My purpose in life is to Cause God Joy and to point people to Jesus where I am every day and in every way.  I love to be prepared at all times to give a defense for the hope that is within me, yet with fear and reverence.  I love ALL people because of the love of Jesus that is in me.

I am a motivational speaker and encourager on the side and spend time with businesses, civic clubs, sports teams and small groups helping others to become ALL God wants them to become!

I hope my blog can/will provide encouragement and hope for those struggling with life, marriage, the economy, relationships and anything else that may be causing one to stumble and doubt.  With that said, let’s Cause God Joy today!



27 responses

19 05 2009

Hi Garry,
Your blogs are wonderful and appreciated. I am glad you started blogging, thank you and I love you
your mother

19 05 2009
Samantha Campbell

Garry – your blog and life witness is very touching and inspirational. I have the privilege of working with you but the greater privilege of being your sister in Christ. Keep up the blog, your life story, your witness, and your hope and trust in Him. Though no longer the “QB”, we are still cheering for you to keep up your calling. Also, your family, the future of our church and our country, give me hope for tomorrow’s generation of witnesses and Church leaders… for you have sowed the seeds for many generations. Keep smiling and enjoying the front porch with your precious bride. Wishing you abundant blessings – Sam

25 05 2009

Sam, you and your precious family keep on enjoying your front porch as well. Really appreciate you!

30 05 2009
Vivian (Towers) Moore

Garry I have known you since our elementary days at North Twin Lakes in Hialeah through graduating in the class of ’77! I’ll have you know this is the first blog I have ever read and was drawn to it by your facebook postings. It is nice to read that you are living a blessed life. It is hard to put into words but you were always kind, respectful, and well mannered and funny 🙂 in my eyes, so it good see you happy. Your family looks beautiful. I am sure your postings are reaching many that you will never hear from…but remember His word will never return void.
In Christ,

31 05 2009


Thanks for commenting and wow, someone from way back in the past. Hope your doing well and that life is treating you well. Hopefully something said (or read) on here will be an encouragement to you. I’ve been very blessed – beyond what I deserve I promise you! Take care and keep in touch!

18 06 2009

Garry, I love reading your blog. We’ve been in touch by email but I didn’t know about the blog until I saw your Facebook. It’s great to know you haven’t changed – you’re still the same thoughtful, considerate and great person I’ve always remembered. In today’s world it’s so great to see you stand up for your faith and be so proud to be a God Follower. You’ve always been one of my favorite people!

26 06 2009
Gary Johnson


I have really enjoyed your blogs and wanted to take a minute to tell you. Even though we don’t see each other much, just remember we love you and appreciate the time we do spend together when we get too. I continue to pray that God will lead you in your desire to serve him. Thanks for your friendship and the memories.

27 06 2009


Man – THANK YOU! It is great having friends like you that even though we don’t “sit on the porch every day” talking, we know that we’re right around the corner IF we ever need each other. Love you man more than you know!

27 07 2009
Ken Galloway

I did a search to find out information on the Vangsnes boys and was able to use the link you provided to find it…thanks! I see you came to one of our breakfast clubs at Chandell because I saw my house in the background…small world! Take care.

28 07 2009

Ken, yea Cindy Goldberg invited us and we had the time of our lives. It was great. Randy Easler took Karen (my wife) up in his ultralight Trike. Ya’ll have a fantastic place there off 101. We live in Duncan not far from you. Hopefully we’ll see you again at the next fly-in! My daughter and Jeremy ran Cross-Country together at Spartanburg Methodist which is our connection to Jeremy. He used to come to the house with Kara (and all the runners from SMC) all the time. Keep praying for him!! Thanks!

31 07 2009
Gail Smith

Hey Gary, You, Karen and the kids are awesome. It is my first time to check out your blog. I just love the passion I sense for the Lord and your family. What a guy. Tell Karen hello. Love you guys,

31 07 2009

Gail, glad you liked it. I have fun with it. It is just a small way to encourage folks from all over. I get hits from folks all over the country that I’ve known over the years and so it is fun to be able to point them to Jesus and encourage them with the Word. You and Jim are just the best! I just wish we lived closer and could spend more time with ya’ll. Now that the kids are all grown – whew!! Love ya!

28 08 2009


Are you involved with the High School on your Blog? Byrnes High School? My daughter attends St. Thomas Aquinas. The old rivalry continues. Your blog is great.
I am proud of you and the way you have always lived your life. Go Raiders…Tami

28 08 2009

Tami, yes, I am the chaplain for Byrnes and have been doing it for about 14-15 years now. My son Daniel played on their first 2 state championships back in 2001 and 2002. That’s cool that your daughter attends St Thomas and we’ll be playing them on Oct 2nd. I was planning on being there but it looks like we’ll be in Boston with Daniel. He attends Berklee College of Music and is on the Grounds Crew for the Boston Red Sox. He was on Nat’l TV Sunday night during the Yankees vs. Red Sox game. That was awesome to see him. Tell your mom and dad, Kim and Marty hello for me! Garry

29 08 2009

I will. My dad just had his knee replacement-replaced. Kim is staying with mom during dads therapy. Please pray for his recovery. My brother in law is a scout for the Red Sox. I have checked out Daniel’s music & forwarded the site to my sister & parents. He is gifted. . I’m glad your family is doing well. PS- I still have George’s Hula Bowl jersey. I’m glad to hear he is doing well and doing good things with his life. The Raiders crushed the Ohio team they played today… I’m happy to say go Raiders & go Gators.

29 09 2009

Tami, unfortunately we will not be making the trip to St Thomas this week. It is parents weekend at Berklee in Boston where Daniel attends school. We’re flying to Boston on Friday. I loved the pictures of your daughter cheering. Can’t believe you let her become a cheerleader (LOL). She is beautiful!! Give your family my love and we’ll be in touch! Garry

23 01 2010
Paul Autry

I finally found you after all these years. Remember our days in New Orleans when you were at NOBTS. Michelle and I are still in Hattiesburg – 17 years now. Our oldest, Dustin, is a freshman at Ole Miss. Seth is an 11th grade football player, and we have a 12 year old daughter, Sally, whom you have never met. I see from your blog that all the kids are well. I remember sitting with them at First Baptist Kenner , listening to Joe McKeever, like it was yesterday. I even passed out at the hospital when one of the boys had appendicitis. We went through alot together in 2 short years. Hope things are well with you. I would love to talk sometime. I run half-marathons now – would love to trade stories. autryfamily@hubserv.com

23 01 2010

Paul, great hearing from you man! Wow! Your life has certainly taken GREAT shape! Thanks for updating me on the kids. It is such a blessing to hear from you man. Feel free to call anytime. (864) 415-9610. Love ya man!

23 02 2010

Hi garry my name garry and i live in n.ireland
In a place called the mounre mountains….

29 03 2010
P. E. Pickett (Phil)


I wanted you to know (before anyone else told you) that I have thrown my name in the hat for the school board trustee postion.

Love to you and your family, Phil

22 08 2011

Uncovered this article engaged, added to faves

11 11 2011
Regina Ervin

Just want you to know that my son plays for the Cavaliers and you blessed my heart at the banquet. I appreciate what you had to say to the parents and the boys. Thank you for your passion and energy for God.

18 08 2014

Justed watched you & USC gamecocks just fall short to herschel & Georgia back in 1980 on the SEC network.I looked some of players up from that game on line.Saw George Rogers on talking about bad memories from that game.Man college football sure has a lot since then.

26 10 2014
Mark Pugh

I met you several years ago at Centrifuge – Panama City. I was a chaperone of our youth group from Louisiana. Just wanted to say that you and your wife made a great impact on my life during that week and I still remember what you shared with me one night out on the “slab” while the kids were having recreation. You probably dont remember me, but the words you shared with me that night stuck with me all these years. You told me to get up everyday and ” Cause God Joy” and that slogan has been one to live by ever since. I want to thank you for being authentic and also taking the time to share with me. I was inspired by you and your wife both up close and from a distance during that whirl-wind week and just want to say ” Thank You!”

26 10 2014

Great to hear from you and honestly, I do remember the conversation “on the slab.” We have that ‘Cause God Joy’ on my mother-in-laws tombstone it was/is so significant to Karen and I! Thanks for reaching out and sharing!!!

12 09 2015
Mark Sweat

Met you tonight at Jack and Diane’s. Enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you tomorrow at the commencement. Good luck and Go Gamecocks! 🙂

4 05 2016

This gentleman is one class act. I emulated him in high school as a young aspiring quarterback(I only wished that I had his talent). He spoke at my dental explorers annual banquet back in 1981. His post collegiate football life successes are truly a testament to who he is as a man, a man of faith, a husband and a father. There was nothing like Carolina football for me: Coach Jim Carlen, the electrifying and passionate voice of Bob Fulton, the taste of those Cromer’s peanuts, nachos with cheese and chili and hot dogs and the sights, sounds and smell of the South Carolina State Fair!!!

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