A Growing Family Plus an exciting new job…

22 10 2014


It has been way too long since I have blogged but wanted to get started back so here I am!  First of all, job changes are exciting when the timing is right and you have peace that God is in control.  I started with IBM 34 years ago and thought I would retire with them.  Obviously seminary interrupted that after 10 years and I thank God every day for the journey.  After 10 years in full-time ministry, I re-entered the market place and became bi-vocational.  In other words, a full-time secular job (ministry on the job is great) and being involved in my church (Newspring), my community (School Board and Sheriff’s Dept chaplain) and my state and beyond (Public speaking, preaching, motivational).  So, ScanSource, Agilysys (now Tolt Solutions), SYNNEX and now Motion Computing where I am the manager of the Eastern Region and Distribution.  Great company, great people and great industry.  And ministry is endless!!!

But now for the real important message – Karen and I are grandparents again.  This time its a GRANDSON!!  He was born at 9:02pm on September 29, 2014 and he and mom (Shannon) are both terrific.  His name is Levi Quinn Harper.

Levi Quinn Harper Born Sept 29, 2014

Levi Quinn Harper
Born Sept 29, 2014IMG_1659

IMG_1628FullSizeRender  Shane and Shannon are such wonderful parents and we are proud of them.  The girls, Reese and Rose will turn 4 and 2 in January and February of 2015 – growing up SO fast.  They are a blast to hang out with and play with now.

Daniel and Emily are doing great.  The two of them with Ruby Sue (their Red Boned Coon Hound) are enjoying life in Greenville, SC for the time being.  Daniels EP has been release on iTunes so I urge you to go check it out.  A simple way to get there is by going to http://www.danielharper.us and instructions are there.  IT IS FANTASTIC!

Kara is still in Hawaii and loving it.  We are planning a family gathering in Orlando in April of 2015 so we can all meet her boyfriend, Justin Villines.  We only know him from Face Time but what we know is that he treats her like an princess and loves Jesus.  All good!

Finally, Karen and I have been on a Paleo diet the past 5 months along with doing Crossfit.  I’ve lost 30 lbs and am almost back down to my playing weight.  At 194 lbs I feel like the old me again – plus Karen likes it!  I encourage everyone to eat right and exercise if you want to feel better.  The only other suggestion I would have is read your Bible and get to know Jesus more and better.  He makes everything better!


Cause God Joy!