20 02 2012

I’ve always known my wife loves me.  She doesn’t always tell me in the same way that I tell her though.  I get my verbal communication about loving my wife from my mom…yea, I get it honestly.  Karen gets her communication skills from…well, God!  She is the most incredible servant on the planet earth.  Whenever I feel like I want or need to hear it from her, SHE SHOWS ME BY SERVING ME!  I was diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday and I have been as sick as I have probably ever been in my life.  It’s been horrible.  Then I “EXPERIENCE” her love and it is almost life changing.  I’m still very weak and not all there but I am so encouraged.  I feel the love and compassion and grace that LOVE is!  And that is making me feel better than ALL the medicine the doctor has me on.

I feel so blessed and frankly, probably needed the bodily rest.  I’ve been working 50-60 hours a week and I personally think I just got run down.  I am feeling rejuvenated and hope to get my energy back soon.  Our pastor has been preaching a series called OVERWHELMED!  I love my job, my family, my wife and all the opportunities I have to serve in life.  I can’t wait to get back at it.  A couple truths stand out from all this…

1) You can’t do life alone!

2) Serving is always better than being served but when you are being served, be grateful!

3) Keep your priorities straight.  I’ve hated missing work – I LOVE MY JOB and the PEOPLE I WORK WITH!  But I’ve been forced to rest!  It’s been very good.

4) Jesus is still the answer to everything.  Yea, this has forced me to rest and focus on ALL the truths I know about.  I’m so thankful for His grace and healing power.  Medicine is good, but a right relationship with Him is essential.

5) Finally, we’ve had friends check on us (Karen is sick now – upper respiratory infection), bring us things we’ve needed (thermometer, ginger ale, soup) and pray for us.  True friends are really rare and make sure you nourish those friendships with character and integrity.

Thank you for your prayers for Karen and I and I’m certain we’ll be back to full strength soon!  Go and cause God joy!





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