Family Reunions and Church

12 09 2010

We had a great time at Karen’s family reunion today.  Karen comes from a beautiful family and well, it was one of the things I loved about her when I met her.  Her mom and dad have both passed and they left a great legacy.  Karen’s 2 brothers are wonderful.  Keith and his family made it but Ken, who has moved to Louisville, KY couldn’t make it.   I’m proud of Karen and her family and am so blessed that they have accepted me into the family.  Here is Karen and some of her cousins…

Aunt Peggy, Cindy, Linda, Leslie, KAREN and Rita

Every time we have these reunions, which are every year, it reminds me of my family and how blessed I am to have a great family as well.  My dad passed away in November of 2002 but my mother is still living (in VA) and she is a precious lady.  My sister lives in VA as well and my brother lives in Jacksonville, FL.  Here are a few takeaways from this years reunion…


1) They can be good (and fun)

2) Seems that children keep being born (there were 13 children there)

3) Love is/was in the air

4) Karen has some incredible aunts, uncles and cousins (and so do I)

5) Families are important to NOT forget about

6) Story telling is a lost art!

Oh yea, we did go to church prior to attending the reunion.  Church attendance is important.  Not for any other reason than the Bible instructs us to NOT neglect the assembling of ourselves together.  Our preacher (Perry Noble, preached on money today.  Money is the #1 thing that keeps us from having a full and vibrant relationship with Jesus.  So, if your money is more important to you than attending church or reading your Bible, you might want to do a heart check.  Love ya, mean it!





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