I’m back…let’s talk CHANGE, Football and LEADERSHIP!

11 09 2010


Ok, summer is over and school is back in.  For us, our kids are now all settled, the boys are in Boston and Kara lives in Waikoloa, HI.  Yea, its been major change for us.  But they are doing great and love what they are doing which gives Karen and I great peace!  Karen and I are loving life and taking Shag dance lessons.  We’re excited about our GRANDDAUGHTER coming around January 8, 2011.  This has been probably the most exciting time of our lives as we prepare to be grandparents.   I started a new job 2 weeks ago and am absolutely loving it.   I am now the Director of Sales for the AIDC/POS Group at a company called Synnex in Greenville, S.C.

There is always some fear and trepidation when you start a new job but after the first day, I felt right at home.  I work directly for a Sr VP who I have a lot of respect for and the team working for me is right out of the top drawer.  I work with a guy named Brandon who is my Sales Manager and he has provided me with a lot of confidence, encouragement and support in my first two weeks.  It’s really nice to have guys like him on your team that you can trust and go to battle with and for.  The only problem with Brandon is that he is a Clemson Tiger fan.  Why do I always get stuck having to work with Clemson Tigger (sorry) fans?  Oh well.  Guess it could be worse – HA!  Change is good and it can revitalize you if you let it.  The key is making changes in  your life that you trust are in God’s will and then well, YOU BETTER TRUST HIM!


The football season has started and so far all is well.  Byrnes High School won tonight 52-6 vs. Forestview out of Gastonia, NC.  They finally hit on all cylinders and the guys built up a lot of confidence.  USC looked great against Southern Miss last Thursday night but tomorrow is a big test for them as they play the University of GA in Columbia.  Karen and I are driving down to the game and hoping to see Marcus Lattimore (Byrnes HS) light up the scoreboard.  He is a special kid with a special talent.


This is something that I have been doing a lot of reading on lately with my job change.  I’ve re-read the Fred Factor and several other great books, but two have stood out more than others.  They are entitled The Servant by James Hunter and Walk the Talk by Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura.  In the latter book, here are some of the key principles on leadership I wanted to share.

1) Words to Live by are Just words unless you actually LIVE by them.

2) You are what you DO.

3) Everything you Do counts.

4) The Golden Rule is still PURE gold.

5) Character is the key!

* Commitment

* Honesty

* Accountability

* Respect

* Attitude

* Courage

* Trust

* Ethics and Integrity

* Responsibility

How are you doing with all these things?  It’s always refreshing to do a little internal investigation and study yourself.  Men, one of the best ways to do this is to have a heart to heart wtih your wife and see what she has to say.   She is the one person that I’m sure is willing to be honest with you.  It’s also good to have a friend that you can trust as well.  But a little advise on this one, make sure its a friend that you know is walking with Jesus in such a way that he has your BEST interest at heart.

Hey – its good to be back and have a great weekend as you…




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