Walk the Talk…

18 08 2010

I can talk about integrity here for hours but that is not necessarily the point I want or intend to make with this title of “Walk the Talk.” Last night I was in a Board Meeting and the Director shared that she reviewed this book with all her faculty prior to the new school year beginning.  Her mantra for 2010-11 is that if we are expecting our kids in our schools to have character and integrity, then teachers and administrators ought to WALK THE TALK. I like this…ALOT!

My wife challenges me all the time since she is the one that has heard me speak a million times over the past 29 years, that if I’m going to say something publicly or in a speech that I give, I BETTER be living it.  Prime example:  People will ask me all the time, “how am I doing?” Right, they ask you that too.  Well, my pat answer often is “I’m doing everything Karen tells me to do.” HA!  Listen, I try to anticipate what I know Karen would like for me to do to not put her in a position to have to ask me to do something.  But she still asks me to do things, like any good wife should (or does!), and I FAIL miserably.  I try and I try hard but I have to keep pressing on to be the best I can be as a husband, father, friend and co-worker.  My point is that if I say I’m doing something, or going to do something, I best follow through…WALK THE TALK!

The Director gave me a copy of the book and I’m going to read it this weekend.  Should be a good read.  I’ll get some details out here soon if your interested.

In the meantime, let me encourage you to go to your local Barnes & Nobles or Amazon.com and get THE SERVANT.  It is by James Hunter and it is one of the best books on leadership and being a servant (at home and work) that I’ve ever read.  It has seriously altered my attitude and my actions.  It has challenged me to consider how I treat everyone that I come in contact with with respect and dignity.   It has challenged me to serve Karen more than ever.

Listen, life is short, make the most of it by making an investment in others…SERVE THEM! And this can be done with JOY when you realize that the life Jesus lived was that of a servant.  He was obviously the MASTER SERVANT and through all of history, his life and promises have (and never will) fail.

Have a great rest of the week and go and CAUSE GOD JOY!



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