Back at the Grind…

5 08 2010

That sounds kind of negative but it isn’t intended to be.  The GRIND as we call it is actually a responsibility each of us has to work hard and to do it “as unto the Lord.”   That is not a bad thing and one that we need to always keep in perspective.  I actually love the responsibilities that we have as part of the body of Christ.   Think about some of these…

1) To love the Lord (with all our heart, mind and soul)

2) To pursue a life of righteousness (and oh by the way, we have none of our own and we’ll never achieve it in this life)

3) To serve all men (oh the battle over pride and the desire for humility)

4) Men – to love our wives as Christ loved the church (and embrace what ALL He did for it!)

That is obviously just a sampling of the responsibilities in Scripture but I can honestly tell you – it is a JOY to live this thing out on a daily basis.  Yea it comes with its issues and problems and temptations and battles, but they have all been overcome and won by the cross and the empty tomb.  And oh yea, Jesus is coming back so we have something incredible to look forward to.

I’m thankful for vacations along the way too!  We had an incredible time in Hawaii with Kara.   Here are some pics…400 of them can be found on facebook.

Karen, me, Travis (Kara's boyfriend) and Kara at Dolphin Quest

We are looking forward to heading to Boston soon to visit with Shane, Shannon and Daniel.   Shane is now on the Grounds Crew at Fenway along with Daniel (in his 2nd season) and so they get to see each other more often.  They are loving it.  But we can’t wait to see Shannon with a belly!  HA!  She is SO precious and she’s the greatest daughter-in-love in the world.  She and Shane will be great parents and well, we just can’t wait to see all 3 of them.

Vacations provide us time to…

1) Rest

2) Regroup

3) Revisit

4) Rejuvenate

and we were able to do all that on our Hawaii trip.  I hope you take the opportunity to do something to get away from the grind and spend time with Jesus asking Him to FILL you and TEACH you and PREPARE you for living!

I’ve been away from blogging for awhile but hopefully I’m back!  Great being back with ya now go and…





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