Preaching this Sunday on Before Your World Comes Crashing Down…

9 07 2010

I am so looking forward to preaching this Sunday at Lake Bowen Baptist Church.  This is such a great group of folks and I love them as if it was my own home church.  Mark Williams is their Pastor and the people their love and support him and I appreciate that.  Jeff Cassidy is their Worship Leader and he does an incredible job – plus he’s a Gamecock (National Champions…did I say that yet?)!

Anyway, can’t wait!  From Judges we see a cycle that is OH so familiar with what is going on with today’s culture.   There was a time when the modern day church was healthy and thriving.  People loved and obeyed God and served Him faithfully.  It seems that we have forsook God and done evil in His sight nowadays and well, there are consequences for that.  Usually, OUR WORLD COMES CRASHING DOWN around us and we begin to CRY out to God in desperation.   We all have problems and issues to contend with but the question is, who do you turn to?

Jesus is the only answer for ANY of our life problems.  We need to turn to Him, trust Him, obey Him, follow Him during the good days and the not so good days.   If you feel like your prayers are just “bouncing” off the walls and not being heard by Jesus, believe me, if you ARE a child of His, He hears you and things will work out for YOUR BEST (Romans 8:28).  BUT, if you just think you are a child and you are just floundering in this make believe religious society called the church (the real church really exists by the way) – you may just be going through the motions and you don’t really know Him.

There are 2 things that I am passionate about and desire for those I know and come in contact with (along with everyone else in the world).  They are:

1) For them to know true salvation which comes by faith through Grace

2) And secondly, for them to Know Jesus and the Power of His resurrection

This second point is the power of living a full and abundant life.  If you don’t know either of these 2 things, your life may be crumbling around you and one day your going to hear a big crash like glass breaking…but its you.

Jesus loves you and He will protect and guide you and keep you safe through the storms of your life.  But you have to have faith and trust Him.

More on this on Sunday!  Love ya!




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