Karen is off to Hawaii and I’m….

29 06 2010

off on a journey to get to know Jesus better.  I know I know, I ought to be doing this every day any way and I do my best.  But with Karen gone and me cooking for myself (oh my), I’ll have more time to myself to focus on Jesus.  I hope to experience a time of refreshing while Karen is gone so that when we are reunited, she’ll KNOW I’ve been with Jesus.

We’ve been reading through the gospels and Romans the past couple of months and it has validated and confirmed for us SO much of what we’ve already known in our minds and hearts, but when God’s Word melts your heart, you know you’re on to something.

That should be our passion, to know Jesus, and the power of His resurrection.  We ought to love the pursuit and desire His presence every day.  Yea, even at work or recreation!

Pray for me as I do for you (even though I don’t know the names of those who read this).  We need each other for encouragement.  We are the church folks and it is OUR responsibility as individuals to learn more about Jesus…how He lived, walked, talked and taught.   It is not the SS Class or the preachers responsibility.  He is a messenger but YOU are CALLED…too!

I’ll be in touch to check on you but in the meantime…go CAUSE GOD JOY!



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29 06 2010
Ross Miller

It has been a long time, (Symbol Days) it is great to see you doing well in your path with Christ. I was watching USC baseball last night and your name popped into my head. So I searched you and found this. Simply amazing that we can all stay in touch in seconds now. I love the blog and it is great to see you doing well. If you ever yet to ATL lets have lunch and catch up.

29 06 2010

Ross, man a voice from the past. Great to hear from you man! Life is good and its all because of Christ! That USC baseball team needs to just put it away tonight and not wait til tomorrow night. I don’t need another heart attack/ache. HA! I see where you are in Atl now but where are you working? Keep in touch! Garry

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