Romans and John – Kicking my butt…

23 06 2010

The entire Word of God is powerful and active and sharp and penetrating and life-changing and all that…but I’ve got to tell you something….this week I’ve read through Romans and the Gospel of John and man, it is kicking my butt.  Jesus is the LIGHT – I’m not!  I’m not even worthy enough to tie Jesus’ sandals – gollee!  If Paul can say “Oh wretched man that I am,” (Romans 7:24), what does that make me?  Yea, I know, a horrible sinner.  Reading through it all as thoroughly as I could, it has increased my hope and passion.  I’ve read of God’s love, His grace and mercy, His power in me that is available if/when I die to myself and rid myself of my own selfish desires and wants.

You know, its one thing to know all this stuff the Bible says, but its another to experience living it out.  It is actually FUN!  it gives joy and peace and contentment and purpose and passion and fire and excitement and…you get my point.

Seriously, let me encourage you to take a step of faith and pursue Jesus.  I know you might say you know Him, but do you know Him like you could? or should?  Come on now, you can live 125 years and still not know Jesus like you should.  Go for it and start today, or tonight or tomorrow morning.  Whatever!  Just go for it – you’ll be glad  you did.

If you don’t know Jesus, listen I’m not going to preach to you, argue with you, debate it with you – because truth is truth and frankly,  real truth can’t be denied or tampered with.  It is what it is.  I will only say that I love you and am always more than willing to talk with you about it.

Listen – if I didn’t have the love of Jesus in me – there is NO way I could love Karen (or my kids) the way I do.  It has nothing to do with me (or them), but it has everything to do with our own human selfishness.  This morning after working out at 5:30am and running 3.4 miles, I fixed an omellette and toast and coffee and orange juice and surprised Karen with breakfast in bed.  On a WEDNESDAY…with no expectations of payback…you know what I’m talking about men!!!  I love Karen actively, unconditionally, sacrificially and its fun!  You want proof of Jesus’ existence?  There it is!

Love ya and have a great day!!




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