Happy Fathers Day…

18 06 2010

To all dads….HAPPY FATHERS DAY WEEKEND!  I know how blessed I am to be a father.  Mine and Karen’s 3 children have been such a blessing to us.  It was fun raising them and now its fun being their friend.  To young dads out there, let me encourage you to stay encouraged, be strong, be faithful, finish strong!  Here are some facts that might encourage you…and some that might open your eyes….

Did you know there are 66,300,000 dads in the US?  (last census estimate).

Did you know that over 100,000 dads are stay at home dads?

Did you know that over 2,000,000 dads spend more time with their pre-schoolers than their mothers?

Did you know that 88% of kids under six with dads who are married praise their kids at least once a day?

Did you know that almost 2,000,000 dads are maintaining their own household?

Did you know that over 11,000,000 dads DON’T live with their children?

Did you know that all children, not just girls, benefit from having a positive relationship with their fathers?  It has been found that children whose fathers share meals with them, spend their leisure time with them, or help them with their homework do significantly better academically than children whose fathers do not.

As I’ve said many many times before, the greatest gift you as a dad can give to your children is to LOVE THEIR MOMMA with ALL you got!  So go love your bride, serve her with all your might and may God bless you this weekend!




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