28 05 2010

Karen and I have not really ever had many friends.  We’ve had a few VERY good ones over the years.  I’d hate to mention names but Andy and Karen Farr and Brett and Andi Patton are a couple I feel I can openly name.  They are special people in our lives.

Andy and Karen – we met in our Newlywed Sunday School class years ago.   We raised our children together and played cards EVERY Friday night.  Through all the ups and downs – they were always there.

Me and Andy with his granddaughter Marlee!

Karen and Karen with Marlee...

Brett and Andi – we met when I was the pastor of a church here in Spartanburg back in 1994-97.  We’ve watched them grow spiritually by leaps and bounds and that became attractive to Karen and I.  Our daughter and their youngest daughter are still best of friends today.  Their older daughter and our sons are all friends.

(I don’t have a picture of Brett and Andi – but I will get one somehow…maybe)

I’ve said many times that Karen and I don’t have many friends.  What is strange recently – maybe because I’m getting older – the friends are increasing.

The guy I work out with every morning – he’s one of my best confidants regarding the faith.

Old high school friends – unbelievable that after all these years we’ve reconnected.  I’m even doing one guys wedding October 10, 2010.

Old college friends – Talking strange!  The connections made at a recent reunion are rocking my world.  Its what brought me to read Craig Groeshells book, the Christian Atheist.  I want to be REAL! I want to be HONEST! I want to be USED by God.

Shouldn’t surprise me that the Bible says that “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Prov 18:24) and this one from Ecclesiastes 4:10 really encourages me….“if one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!”

A friend…

1) Stands with you during adversity

2) Becomes part of your core being

3) Picks you up when you get beaten down

4) Keeps you from being alone

A friend is so much more than that but I’m grateful that I have friends that love me, support me, encourage me, pick me up when I’m down or defeated, and love me unconditionally.

I’ve been blessed with “old” and “new” friends and I’m blown away by it.  It helps me be real and genuine and authentic as I walk this life.

And Karen – just want  you to know – you’ll always be my best friend!  THANK YOU!

Now off to the beach after work tomorrow – can’t wait!




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28 05 2010

So very true, I feel the same way Gary. I have been blessed by friends, family and the “Grace of God”, which is so very AWESOME!! Have a great time at the beach!!

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