I want to go to the beach…

27 05 2010

With everything going on in my life right now, I just want to be here….

Me and Kara at Hilton Head

Seriously, you ever just get so tired you need a break?  That’s what summer time does to me.  Going to the beach allows me to…

1) Get a tan

2) Rest up (I think)

3) Play botchie and Lasso golf

4) Eat really good

5) Enjoy family

6) Keep adding to the list – make your own!

Karen and I spoke with Kara this morning and she was going to the beach there in Hawaii today.  All I could think of was that I wanted to be there.  Want want want.  Seems like that’s all I care about – what I want.

I still have work to do, things to accomplish and take care of before I get to the beach – and that’s ok….for now!

But I’m going to the beach – and when I do, I’m doing all those things above and more…SO I CAN THEN GO BACK TO WORK!  HA!

OK – no real content today – I just wanted to get that off my chest!  HA!

GO CAUSE GOD JOY…wherever you are today!




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7 06 2010

Lasso Golf!! 🙂 🙂 (not rope horse shoes) haha

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