Moving, Transitioning, Positioning…your child for PEACE!

26 05 2010

All the world needs now, is love, sweet love!  Can you hear the song?  When you love something, really love something – or someone, you let it go.  Karen and I had to do that last week and it hit us today as KARA landed in Hawaii at 4:15 EST.  She called when she landed and then she and Karen skyped while I was at Byrnes HS graduation (part of my Board Trustee responsibilities) and then she called again at 10:40pm tonight.  Yea, we miss each other.  But I thought today (at 4:15pm), she is getting off that plane and she is walking toward her NEW home.  She’s moved!  She is transitioning.  She is positioning her future.   And the beauty of it is that this is what we raised her for.  We raised her to…

1) Have PEACE with her journey

2) Become INDEPENDENT as an individual

3) Remain DEPENDENT on Christ in everything

4) Develop a SELF-SUFFICIENCY apart from us, her parents

Yea its hard, but its what parenting is all about.  I’ve talked with parents who LIVE for their children to remain at home (or near it) so they can “stay in charge” of their destiny.   They want to be in a position to BAIL them out if they run into a crisis.  We care  and we love – but at some point, if you really love someone – you let them go.  You let them go so they can pursue their dreams.  You encourage them to pursue life with vigor and energy and passion.

OK – so I’m just trying to remind myself so that this isn’t so difficult.  Yea its tough.  But I can’t tell you how good those words sound when your child tells you they have absolute PEACE with where they are in life, with what their doing with their lives, and PEACE with their journey.

SHANE and SHANNON are moving from Louisville, KY to Boston on Thursday to start a church in downtown Boston.  Oh yea, and they are expecting their first child (our first grandchild) and they amaze us with their LOVE…for Jesus, each other and their families.

In Downtown Asheville with Shane and Shannon after a camping trip.

DANIEL is in Boston pursuing his music career and we’re blown away by his maturity and growth.  Nobody has more passion and energy than Daniel…for music but mostly for Jesus and his family.

Daniel with Karen on Mothers Day. Don't know if anyone could love his MOMMA more!

KARA has LANDED in Hawaii to pursue her Dolphin training career.  The girl is amazing and FILLED to the BRIM with a fervor for life and a love for people.

Kara - leaving home for Hawaii - her new home!

Parents – don’t fret, you love and encourage your children and don’t compromise them for anything while your raising them and they will bless you with their love – even if they move away.

Raise them to leave and if they stay around – you better hope they are doing it out of their own personal conviction – not your pressing them to stay home.  They have a life to live and much to offer.  Let them blossom.  Let them experience PEACE in their lives by pursuing life to its fullest.  Without the pursuit, I doubt there is much PEACE.

Children are a BLESSING not a POSSESSION. That is hard to remember sometime and thanks for letting me remind myself of that!  And oh yea, I do believe they will always come home for a visit – if they don’t, we’re going to them in Boston and Hawaii.  HA!





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26 05 2010

Thanks for this blog Garry. I REALLY needed to hear this. Our first born is moving out in June and getting married in August. Really hard!!
I will be praying for your children and you and your beautiful wife.
God bless you,
Laurie Taylor

26 05 2010

This is so true. I wish my mother would read it. 🙂

29 05 2010

Hey Garry! This is Loren. I read your posts each week! I just wanted to say I really like this one. I have to daily remind myself that our new little girl is just ours on this earth and we have to raise her to grow up and be who she wants to be! She is such a blessing! and we thank the Lord daily for her!
Congratulations to you and Karen as well as Shannon and Shane! Please tell them congrats from Chad and I. That is so exciting I know for all of you! They will make wonderful parents!
We have a blog as well if you want to check out little Landry!


29 05 2010

Loren – GIRL!! Karen and I are so excited to hear from you and so glad you take time to read my blog. Karen doesn’t blog but I get my ideas from her life, thoughts and funniness (that’s not a word really). Seriously, we love and miss you SO much. Shane, Shannon, Daniel and Kara are all doing well as you have probably figured out if you read my blog. SO GLAD you are. We will check out your blog in a few minutes. Just remember WE LOVE YOU!!

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