Busy Times make for Fun Times…(see Pics)

10 05 2010

I have always found truth in the fact and experience that when you’re busy, you have more fun!  Yea it wears you out and you have to come up for air but it is more invigorating and thrilling than sitting around doing nothing.  Here is a sampling of our past week….

Moving Kara out of her Clemson apartment...never to be in Clemson again! (HA!)

Kara's Graduation! (We're doing the Hawaiin Shaka sign)

Shane and Daniel came for Kara's Graduation. They love each other!!

Kara's boyfriend Travis was in town. Great GUY!!!!

Even found time for a pool party at a friends house - Thanks Pattons!

Graduation Dinner at the Lazy Goat (Mediteranean) in Downtown Greenville.

Nothing like a little Phase 10 with 8 people!

Had to give Travis the Fish Camp (Tadpoles) Experience!

Mothers Day pictures will be coming but we had a great Mothers Day with my mother and Karen.  Karen LOVES it when all 3 of her(our) children are in town and with Kara moving to Hawaii May 20th and Shane and Shannon moving to Boston with Daniel on May 28th, these times will be few and far between.   We will continue to stay busy because those are always the BEST of TIMES!




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