I do believe in miracles…

6 05 2010

Yea, I believe Jesus walked on water, healed the blind, turned water to wine, raised the dead, etc.  Absolutely believe it!  But I also believe that God still performs miracles.  We just don’t walk with Jesus enough to recognize them.  True!

Recently I’ve seen people survive the scares of the economy, losses of jobs, marriages healed, kids revitalized and energized for truth, lives transformed, new life all around and blessings galore!  I believe that Jeremy Vangnses being alive is a miracle.  I believe that Adri Patterson’s health is a miracle.  I believe that Gracie Knight (5 year old with Cerebral Palsy) and her healing will be a miracle.  I believe Bryce Caison’s life and legacy is a miracle.  I believe that Marlee Hardman (heart surgery at birth) is a miracle.  Yea, I BELIEVE!

Just this week – Kara, in one day received a call from someone who wanted to sublease her apartment (miracle 1).  Then she got a call from Hawaii offering her a job (miracle 2).  And lastly, her boyfriend flew in to attend her graduation (miracle 3).  #3 is a miracle in that he lives in Hawaii but happened to be in California with his mom during this time which enabled him to come south for her graduation.

Yea, blessings, miracles…you can define them any way you want to but I believe in the power of God to do things that we have no other way to explain them other than to say He intervened.

Why does God still perform miracles?

1) To point people to Himself! Yea, that’s reason number 1 and He really needs no other reason.  He loves us all (John 3:16) and everything He has done in the past, present and will do in the future has that main objective.  And we ought to know Him well enough to remind people, encourage people and simply point people to Him.  We are His hands, His feet, His mouthpieces by the way.  We’re supposed to be anyway.  Come on, lets get busy!

2) To encourage His own! We’re human and yes we get discouraged.  I absolutely believe God still performs miracles today to encourage us to be strong, to persevere and endure this life.  He has a purpose for us here and we ought to be willing to fight the good fight and love His mission for us and be encouragers ourselves.

3) To validate His Sovereignty! He doesn’t have to do this one either because He is God and He doesn’t have to prove anything.   That’s why I say validate instead of prove.  All we have to do is testify to folks about our own changed life as evidence.  I’m glad I am part of a church (http://www.newspring.cc) that experiences life change every week.  Literally every week God shows up and someone (usually many) get saved.  That validates it for me…not that I needed it, but it sure encourages me!

So, yes, I believe in miracles, I believe in God’s Word, I believe in God’s Sovereignty and I believe that it requires FAITH/BELIEF, CONFESSION, REPENTANCE and LOVE to experience them as we should.  They are all around us – heck, just go to the internet and google the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls or anything else amazing in creation!

Love ya and keep on CAUSING GOD JOY!



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