Never be satisfied. If you get satisfied, your fried!

5 05 2010

I’ve observed so many people get to a point in their life where they simply get satisfied with where they are in life, what they’ve achieved, how their relationships are going, etc and what happens next is usually devastating.

We all need to be aware that the devil is ALWAYS prowling around seeing who he can trick, deceive and devour.  It easily happens when you’re satisfied.

I’ve seen it happen to…

1) Athletes – it easily happens here and losses or lapses in judgement are the result (can anyone say Ben Rothesburger?)

2) Husbands/Wives – Men never stop dating your wife, telling her she’s beautiful, serving her DAILY.  It’s easy to take each other for granted.  And remember this, we humans are always changing.  If you don’t change together, you’ll get to where you stop knowing each other.  That’s how marriages of 20+ or 30+ years dissolve.

3) Students – Whether you’re in middle school, high school, college or graduate school, it happens.  Remember that we are all students of life.   You should never stop learning.  I’m memorizing something now for a speech I’m giving next week and its tough to memorize something the older you get.  Stop being lazy, complacent and satisfied and find something you enjoy and learn about it!

I’m considering getting my pilot’s license because Karen and I will have 2 sons and a daughter-in-love(law) in Boston, MA and our daughter, Kara, just got a job offer in Hawaii.    We want to be able to go see them as often as we can.  It won’t be easy (or cheap) but it is something that I want to do because I’m not satisfied with my other options.

Prevent allowing your life to be lived in a RUT and go find something exciting to do.  Stop being satisfied with where you are and keep yourself busy making a difference.   Anyone who knows me knows that I am all for the SIMPLE life but that doesn’t mean you have to leave satan a loophole in your life.  Other things you can do to prevent that from happening are…

1) Read your Bible…daily!

2) Hang with energetic people. If your old (like me), find young people who’ll take you in and invest in them.  Young people, make sure you find energetic older (wiser) people to learn from.

3) Find a great church to attend and begin serving!




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