Breakfast of Champions…How to Achieve Greatness?

3 05 2010

This morning was insane.  I can’t tell you a lot about it but I did participate in Byrnes High Schools Breakfast of Champions this morning.   31 upcoming Seniors participated (28 finished) and I counted 18 adults supervised.  A school bus dropped them all off a mile and a half up Main St Duncan and they ran back to the school…carrying the longest and heaviest ROPE I’ve ever seen.  To watch these guys push each other, encourage each other, love each other, etc was an amazing experience for me.

I love watching CHAMPIONS equip themselves and prepare themselves for what lies ahead.  These young men won’t play a game until September but they have been preparing themselves since January for this next step in their journey.  Tomorrow the underclassmen join them and they will UNITE as they prepare for spring practice next week.

How to Achieve Greatness…

1) SACRIFICE. Greatness never comes without it.  Life is too filled with options to occupy us.  We have to decide what we want in life and then make sacrifices (do away with some things).  The other part of sacrifice is the painful part.  You may have to decide to keep going through the pain than walk away.  Too often people walk away from a vision because of their unwillingness to experience the stretching and pain that comes with hard work.

2) ATTITUDE. I watched a 17 year old guy this morning work through some things and bring his teammates along with him and it was incredible.  His teammates followed him because of his ATTITUDE.  It was an “I CAN” attitude.  It was a “WE CAN” attitude.  It was an attitude that stood above the rest.  Attitude is something that is always visible.  You can’t hide a bad attitude – no more than you can hide a good or great one.  It makes a difference in the way you approach obstacles and valleys but it also affects others around you.

3) ACCEPTANCE. You have to accept the fact that winning is not guaranteed.  PEACE is! Listen, I have yet to meet anyone that won at everything.  Yea the 1972 Dolphins went undefeated and we hear stories like Michael Phelps in the Olympics not losing an event.  But the 1973 Dolphins lost a game or two.   And Michael Phelps because of poor judgement and poor decision making took a hit on his reputation.  Accept the fact that you may not win at everything all the time.  Champions work out of a motivation of DESIRE for EXCELLENCE! They want to be the BEST for a PURPOSE.  Ask yourself, what’s your purpose for doing what you do!  I know that I do what I do so that I can have peace with myself, my God and my wife and kids at the end of the day.  I do what I do so that I can make a difference in someone else’s life and make their life better.  I do what I do not out of selfish ambition or to win at all cost.  Let’s REDEFINE winning and greatness by the level of LOVE and SERVICE we experience!

Enough for now…Happy May!  Congratulations to Kara in advance as she graduates from Clemson on Friday!!  Pray for our family as Shane and Shannon move from Louisville, KY to Boston, MA on May 1st.  Its going to be a busy June!




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