Two stories we can almost all relate to…NOT!

27 04 2010

Life has its way of throwing things at us that we don’t expect.  Those are usually the times that God shows off!  Seriously!  For those of you walking with the Lord, think about it.  When you are most stressed, drained and a sense of hopelessness creeps in, that is when He intervenes.  Unfortunately we have a tendency to not recognize it and continue trying to “fix” things ourselves or explain things away.  Here are 2 on-going real life stories where God has shown up – different results, but God’s will was and is being played out.  Please keep praying for these families.


Got this note on Face Book today from Gracie’s mom today(or last night).  Gracie is the little 5 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy and is going through a relatively rare procedure which we are praying will provide some, a little or even a lot of healing for her body.

Hey Garry! Just wanted to let you know that we are doing great in Durham! Gracie did GREAT today at the hospital for her blood draw. Tomorrow we’ll be actually having the infusion around 1:30ish. Today the phlebotomist that drew her blood was a believer and we sang “When We All Get To Heaven” while we waited. :)) I explained our faith to her and she prayed fresh peace to fall over us. It was amazing!! We believe!!! Love you and Karen!

Is that cool or what.  Sitting in the hospital singing “When we all Get to Heaven” with a doctor.  Gracie is in no fear of going to heaven any time soon but WOW, the promise that “The Kingdom of God is in our midst.”  Yea, that’s what Jesus says about it.   A little bit of heaven right here and NOW!


Amy passed away this weekend.  She was a wife and mother of 3 precious girls fighting a terrible cancer.  We were planning on getting her to Baltimore for a treatment but God called her home.  The family is obviously grieving and hurting BUT they know where she is.

The cool thing about this is that the pilot that I was speaking with to take her to Baltimore, when I texted him to tell him of the turn of events, he was walking on a cloudy day.  When he got my text, he stopped, cried and prayed.  As he prayed the clouds opened up and a ray of sunshine came shining through.  Mike was overwhelmed with the peace he felt.  Listen, neither Mike nor I know this woman – but our hearts felt for her and her family as if we were family.  And we are!  We are brothers and sisters in Christ because of our FAITH in the ONE LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ.

Life stories are something that can’t be made up.  They are happening all around us and it is these life stories which validate my faith!  The Word of God is alive and Jesus is alive and His Spirit is moving.  Take time today to consider what He is doing in your life and what He WANTS to do in your life.  You trust HIM and HE’LL SHOW OFF! You don’t have to be anything other than “crucified with Christ.”  Experience the power of His resurrection and the abundant LIFE He has for you (John 10:10).  Its REAL folks!  I KNOW!





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