Is anybody out there?

27 04 2010

Do you ever feel like your alone, embattled, struggling, depressed, angry, hateful, mad, tired or just plain agitated?  These are negative emotions that try to rob us of our life and our joy.  And yes, they are real.  Very real!

I have experienced all of these emotions at some point in my life and frankly am experiencing one of them right now (which is why I’m blogging about it).  Won’t tell you which one though.  I don’t mind being transparent but I do feel guilty for feeling mad and agitated (Oops, I slipped – ha!).

What do you do?  What is your next step?  How do you deal with it?  No real easy answers but here is my solution.

1) PRAY.  Seriously.  Just start praying that God will intervene and remind  you of His Sovereignty and Greatness!  If you believe in the power of God and you believe in the power of prayer, why not apply it.  Wisdom by the way is the application of knowledge to your life.

2) TRUST.  That’s right, trust.  Trust God to…

a) Mold you – into what He wants you to become.

b) Protect you – from emotional, psychological and physical harm (Depends on your circumstance)

c) Teach you – what He wants you to learn through the trial.  Remember James 1:2 says, “consider it pure joy, brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds.” He means it!  And that “WHENEVER” is an important part of the verse.

3) MOVE. Keep moving forward with your personal vision of what you know God wants for you.  Hopefully you know what that is.  For all of us it includes…

a) Testifying of His love and grace

b) Pointing people to Jesus

c) Loving Him, yourself, the body of Christ and the lost

Pray, Trust and Move.  I know it seems simple but at some point we need to take God at His Word.  His Word will not return void.  His Word is Faithful.  His Word is alive and active.

Remember I love you but most importantly, God loves you today, tomorrow and forever!




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