Gracie Knight – Incredible Happening!

20 04 2010

Karen and I have some incredible neighbors!  Seriously…not everyone can say that these days.  Eric and Melissa Knight are a precious young couple that live behind us and they have the most precious little daughter in the world.  Little Gracie is around 5 years old and has Cerebral Palsy.  Below is a picture of Gracie and the praise and prayer requests from her mom and dad!  Read the story and pray – would you?  Thanks!

Gracie the Cheerleader!

Gracie showing out!!

Gracie and her mom (Melisssa)

Here is their story…

Our “Duke” journey started in February when we decided, along with the Lord, to speak with Duke and the Cord Blood Registry about using Gracie’s cord blood. They have been doing studies over the last 2 years on children with Cerebral Palsy and the results have been AMAZING. One family in particular, The Levines, have a daughter named Chloe who has CP and also had a stroke before being born. She has had the cord blood infusion. She went snow skiing a month ago in Colorado. God is doing mighty things in the area of stem cell/cord blood research. After we applied to Duke, they said by the first of March, we would know if she was a good candidate. We knew by the end of February. We have stored 637 million stem cells! This is enough for the amount of damage in Gracie’s brain. I knew that there would be several different things that we would have to work with Duke on getting since we live in SC. The first thing is getting an HLA kit (having Gracie’s blood drawn into special tubes here and then sent back to Duke). I spoke with the nurse practioner yesterday and she told me that they had met with a group of people who were beginning the second phase of the study that would be one year long and would involve a placebo. I didn’t want this because we are ready now to move forward. She also said that since it wasn’t up and running yet, they wanted to offer us the opportunity to go ahead with the cord blood infusion. YAY! We agreed that we would do that. She said that within 30 days, she would be able to call me back with an infusion date. This could quite possibly be done by the end of May. What an awesome Mother’s Day that would be!!  (The DATE is next TUESDAY, April 27th!)

The process is that we will go on Sunday, April 25th and check in. On Monday the 26th, we will spend the day with the nurse doing a history/physical and other health forms. On Tuesday the 27th, we will spend the day at Duke actually having the procedure of the stem cell infusion which will take about 15 minutes and then some IV’s for about 4 hours after that. On Wednesday the 28th, we will go back to Duke for an evaluation. After Chloe’s infusion on Tuesday, she walked back into Duke to be evaluated!! If all is well, we will come home on Wednesday or Thursday. One awesome thing that has transpired with all of this is Dick Brooks Honda has been so gracious to loan us a brand new Honda Odyssey to drive to Duke. When God pours His blessings out, He really does it!!

We fully believe that God will show up in such a mighty and miraculous way and that our Gracie will be healed. We are praying that anyone that comes into contact with us will see Jesus and know that this is His handiwork. He created us in such a way that Gracie’s very own blood will heal her body. I can’t wait to do and see all the things that will come after the infusion. With that being said, Gracie asked me to let all of you know that she will be having a flip flop party and all of you are invited.

To God be all the Glory, great and mighty things He has done!


Pretty awesome story.  On a side note, Eric and Melissa are incredible singers and they sing in a gospel quartet (family) regularly in churches in our area.  They are a special family with a special need. Thanks for taking time to pray for them.





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21 04 2010
Patti DeYoung

I am Gracie’s Nana and I stand in awe as to how God is working out His plan through Gracie. She is one of the most faithful prayer warriors to only be 5 years old. I’ve seen how god has used Gracie’s cerebral palsy to His glory. I am looking so forward to see how He will use her healing.

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus
Eph. 3: 20-21
Amen and Amen

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