Thunder Over Louisville…

18 04 2010

Karen and I spent this weekend in Louisville, KY with Shane and Shannon and we had so much fun!  Friday night was Phase 10 night (I won) and then Saturday was Thunder over Louisville!

Karen and Shane at THUNDER!

It was SO windy and COLD there that by the time the fireworks started at about 9:45pm, it was FREEZING so we didn’t get pictures of them.  But we did get pictures of the airshow which lasted from 2:30 til dark…

Shannon had to work til 5pm on Saturday so our plan was to walk the 3.2 miles to the downtown area where the show was.  BUT, we were offered a ride by the guys in this truck..

The Dream Truck - an F650 fully loaded!

It was insane!  But it saved about 2.5 miles of walking which was nice.

Louisville, Ky is a town that well is out of place to us.  I think of the 700,000 estimated people that were there, we wondered how many of them knew Jesus.  I asked Karen that question and she just looked at me like a deer in headlights.  How can this be?  Seriously, I know it is just a bad judgement of people but I guess you had to be there to appreciate what we saw.  There was more drunkenness and appearance of poverty by most people there that it doesn’t surprise me that Baptist have a seminary located there that is passionate about sharing the gospel there.

My point is that wherever we live, we need to be sensitive to those around us and even though we can’t save the world, we can pray for it.  We need to pray!  Pray for the lost, pray for our country, pray for people’s souls.  Not everyone is going to walk into a church to hear the gospel.  What’s the answer?  I don’t know.  But do pray for your friends and family to be ambushed by God.  That He would send someone to them to share the truth of Jesus with them.

Have a great week and remember that YOU are loved!





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