The Last Song – Movie worth watching…

12 04 2010

I don’t normally promote movies, especially a chick flick type movie, but this one is worth seeing.  Karen and I went on a date last Friday night and after dinner (The Cazbah in Greer), we went to see this movie.  We actually started out to see Date Night but, well, let’s just say we went to see The Last Song.  It was great, I cried (a little) and what a story.  Let me summarize.

1) Mom and dad get divorced

2) Mom gets the kids

3) Dad gets cancer

4) Dad requests a summer with the kids – the daughter rebels against it the younger brother is excited

5) The daughter (Mylie Cyrus) finds a boyfriend

6) The dad is dying

7) The younger brother goes back to moms, the daughter stays with dad.  He dies

Ok, here is my point.   Dads, do whatever it takes to keep your family together.   Marriage is tough and raising kids is tough and life is tough.  But even with ALL that, it is so much easier when 2 people in a covenant relationship work through the problems, date each other, are unselfish and have a firm foundation of TRUTH to always go back to for strength.

I watched this movie and just THANKED GOD for my wife and kids.  I don’t fear death because #1 I know where I am going (more on that tomorrow) and #2, I know my wife and best friend will ALWAYS be by my side.  My kids will be with me as well God willing and when my time comes, there will be NO TEARS because they know I’ll be better off where I’m going.

All this is a statement of God’s ABSOLUTE PEACE which only He can give when you trust Him fully with your life.  Look, not bragging or anything, just saying, this movie can bring you back to a point of reflection where as men, we can’t help but realize that life is short and life inevitably leads to death.   Here are a few golden nuggets for us men…

1) Our wives truly ADD tremendously to our lives

2) Our children are a blessing from God

3) Live life daily with purpose

4) Understand and Accept the reality of death

5) LOVE and SERVE your wife and kids!

6) Enjoy life and live your dreams – dreams don’t have to cost an arm and a leg





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