Day after Easter…He is STILL alive…

5 04 2010

Clayton King posted this today….

Clayton King Do NOT STOP celebrating Christ’s resurrection today. He is just as ALIVE today as He was yesterday…and will continue to be!

I guess what caught my attention most was the beginning of the statement, “DO NOT STOP celebrating Christ’s resurrection today!  I thought as I began my day today as I jumped back into the fray with the busy schedule – what makes today different than yesterday?  Why is JUST that ONE day special?  Here is the reality.

After Jesus was resurrected, He walked this earth for forty(40), catch that, forty(40) days.  Over those forty(40) days over 500 people were eyewitnesses to His resurrection and then…He ascended to be with the Father – FOR A PURPOSE! And that purpose was to prepare a place for those of us who LIVE everyday in a relationship with Him.  And He didn’t leave us alone.  He gave us His Spirit to guide us and encourage us and strengthen us.  That is the reality!

That makes today special.  Can you see this baby duck in the water in this picture?

A lost baby duck at River Falls Park, Downtown Greenville.

He chirped for hours looking for his (or her) mother.  He was lost and in desperate need of someone to save him from the rapids that were just upstream.  That’s ALL of us – until we’re found by our Savior.  Look – those of you who know me know that I just like being real.  I don’t like to force anything on anybody.  But the reality is just that – TRUTH! I hope that if this Easter experience doesn’t do anything for us, at least it reminds us of the reality of what we really need in this life.

You can have all the money in the world.  All the land and possessions you could ever want.  All the expensive toys you want.  But if you haven’t taken time to consider the TRUTH of Jesus, you’re missing out on the most important thing.  When you discover that reality, here is what happens…

1) You’re outlook on life (all of life) changes

2) You change

3) Your passions change

4) You learn what real love is like

5) You discover new relationships with ALL people

6) You find peace and joy like you’ve never ever had before

7) You’re definition (and experience) of success changes

I could go on but the bottom line is – HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS and that will NEVER change.  Forget about your denominational affiliations for a second and just consider Jesus.  You won’t regret the pursuit I promise!  Here is just part of that blessing for me…

My daughter (Kara) and wife (Karen) - WHAT A BLESSING!





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