Disney, Youth and Rest…

31 03 2010

Karen and I at Universal Studios

Thought I would start this one off with a picture of Karen and I at Universal Studios.  We had such a great time at Disney.  Went to 4 parks (Magic Kingdom, Universal(MGM), Epcot and Animal Kingdom).  The roller coasters were a blast!

Me, Karen, Brenda Brooks and Connie Elder on the Tower of Terror!

I’m usually not a fan of roller coasters but we rode every one of them at least twice while we were there.  It was incredible.  And of course there was good old Mickey…

We had about 150 8th graders on this trip and they were great overall.  There will always be issues with 8th graders but we felt blessed to have some great girls that we were responsible for. Here is Karen with our girls…

Shaquaila, Samantha, Isabella, Summer, Harley and Karen!

We got to hang out with some good friends while we were there as well…

Me, Karen, Kevin McCurry, Connie Elder, Steve Deriso, Coco Henderson and Brenda Brooks

These are some of the best teachers, coaches and administrators in America today!

Here are some observations about the youth of today…

1) They have energy, and lots of it

2) That energy needs to be focused by mentors

3) Their minds are NOT fully matured yet, they wander

4) They want and need to be loved!

5) They have tremendous potential – they need adult time

6) They have a great sense of humor, they can dance and sing, and are great at DRAMA (if you know what I mean)

7) Did I say that they need to be disciplined in love?  They respond to that


I needed the rest.  Work has been intense the past few months and still is and it was just good to get away without the Blackberry and enjoy my wife and friends.  Yesterday was my birthday and what a great day it was…

1) My daughter made me a chocolate gonosh(sp?) cake

2) Karen and Kara surprised me with chocolate donuts for breakfast (catch the chocolate theme)

3) I worked

4) Karen had a few gifts for me (loved the clothes baby doll)

5) Karen took me to dinner and surprised me with our best friends, Andy and Karen joining us

6) Watched American Idol together

7) All my kids called me – I AM SO BLESSED!

Here is my point – life is short – live it to its fullest and trust Jesus for everything.  He tells us in John 10:10 that He came that we may have life and have it abundantly.  The key is to live a life of obedience, faithfulness and love.  He is Who He says He is and we can trust Him! So go and CAUSE HIM JOY today!!  Love ya’ll!  Mean it!!!!




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