Daniel Flying in – Kara Flying out…

12 03 2010

Lots happening in the Harper household and lessons being learned every day.  Funeral visitation for Frank Cook tonight (School Board member that passed away this week) then his funeral tomorrow at 2pm.  Pre-marital counseling with a couple tomorrow at 11am – I always look forward to that!  Kara flys out to California tomorrow morning for spring break and Daniel flys in from Boston tomorrow for his spring break.  So blessed to have life and to have it abundantly (John 10:10).

Several thoughts went through my head as I drove to and from Atlanta today for a meeting….

1) Rain is needed and we got it…LOTS of it

2) I can’t wait to get home and spend some quality time with my wife.  That’s something good to be excited about

3) Jesus is ALIVE and shows Himself every day in every way – He is unimaginable (WOW!)

4) Kids are a blessing!!!  Shane and Shannon, Daniel and Kara have made life choices of their own and we’re proud of them.  All we did was point them to Jesus by living life…and discipline them when needed.  Kids today need boundaries!

5) Friends and Family ARE important.  Karen and I are losing too many of them it seems to disease and accidents.  Be careful but be active and aggressive in your living.  Remember that LOVE is a verb!!

6) I actually like driving time…it gives me time to think.

7) We have the best home group in the world.  I’m putting up a picture of them soon IF they’ll let me.

8) My friend Jake Beaty is a gift of a friend.  He blesses SO MANY people at Newspring Church AND beyond!

9) I miss Andy and Karen Farr (our best friends in the world) ALOT! Where are ya’ll ANYWAY???

Have a great weekend and just make sure that you CAUSE GOD JOY in ALL that you do!!



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