Satisfied or Fried?

11 03 2010

I have been thinking this morning whether I was satisfied with my life or was I fried!  You know, tired and worn out.  I’m not sure I know the absolute answer to the question but I do know this, I’M BLESSED!   I tell you it seems that every day I get some news that depresses me and gets me down.  Here is a quick sample if you don’t believe me….

Yesterday – I get word that a former teammate of mine at USC has cancer.

Today – Yea, today, already, got a call that one of my fellow Board Members on the Spartanburg County School Board died.  He had been battling a heart condition for the past 5 months and he just couldn’t fight any longer.

It seems like every day there is something.

How do you react, respond and carry on when the news keeps coming like this.  PERSPECTIVE! First of all, I don’t allow myself to get fried!  How you might ask.  Here’s how…

1) With God’s Sovereignty comes courage and strength

2) Its a choice we make to be positive and stay active

3) Attitude is something that is controllable – you choose a good one or a bad one

Listen – bad news is a part of life BUT so is good news.  My teammate with cancer – his attitude is as good as anyone’s I know of under the circumstances.  The gentleman that passed away this morning, his wife was tired and as badly as I know she will miss him, I know there is a sense of relief that Frank isn’t having to fight this battle any longer.  That’s good news.

Karen and I had our Home Group over to our house last night and man we had fun.   After a few games of pool (which I had to repent of a bad attitude to one guy (John) because he beat me IN MY OWN HOME – wasn’t nice of him), dessert and talking, we got down to business of a Bible study.   We have been studying about fear.  There are a lot of cliches out there about fear and I would only caution you to be wise with what you embrace.

Regarding FEAR, hold to these few golden nuggets…

1) FEAR is a verb like love is.

2) Almost every person in the Bible we hold in esteem had one stand out quality – they FEARED God!

3) FEAR of God is the beginning of wisdom.

So don’t be satisfied with life, go do something to make it better.  Don’t fear this world or anything in this world – it can’t hurt you.  If your feeling FRIED – just get some rest, read a good book (Bible works), keep perspective, ENDURE til the end.  Perseverance is key in this life!



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