Don’t take life lightly…

11 03 2010

Life should be lived with vigor and energy and with excitement and anticipation.  Someone recently asked me how I stay so positive in such a negative world.  Well, first of all – the world ISN’T negative.  It is just what we’re told it is.  Broken and separated from its Creator.  People are running around looking for answers and solutions and the answers and solutions are right in front of us every day.  The answer is YOU and the solution is YOU.   YOU (look in a mirror) have the right (and freedom) to make choices about things….

1) Choose to accept the circumstances in life and make the most of them

2) Choose to accept the trials your facing with the knowledge the God is Sovereign and He already knows about the problem and He cares about your problem and has the answer to your problem – oh yea, and count it all joy!

3) Realize that the problems are really opportunities to GROW and STRETCH and BECOME more of a man or woman than you were before the problem arose.

4) Be honest and truthful so you don’t have to look over your shoulder and wonder if you ‘covered up’ good enough.

5) Be naked and unashamed of truth – and live it

6) Learn to BUILD relationships with people – other people aren’t your enemy usually, YOU are.

7) Learn to LOVE better.  The only way to really love people is to look at everyone as God does.  He created them and gave them life just like you.   They may (and always do) come from different families, upbringings and environments – learn from them.  Remember, you don’t have to LIKE them but your commanded to LOVE them.

8) Finally, life is short – don’t take it lightly.  You may live to be 100 OR you may not live to see your next birthday.  Harsh truth but lets face it, we just don’t know.

I often wonder where these days went when everyone in class would raise their hand and ask questions.  Find out about life by asking others questions.  Seek knowledge then go apply it (that’s wisdom).  Just make sure you’re asking the right people.  And oh yea, YOU really aren’t the center of the universe (neither am I) and YOU aren’t the answer – JESUS is.  Get to know Him.  If you think you know Him already – remember this, YOU NEVER KNOW HIM ENOUGH because He IS a GREAT big GOD!

Go now and CAUSE GOD JOY!




2 responses

11 03 2010
Chris O'Rear

Hey Gary,

I already posted on your FB page thanking you for this entry. This is the “secret” that I wish every one of my students to experience and learn. Its been so good catching up with you over the last year and seeing the way you have continued to impact the people around you in such a positive and meaningful way.

God bless!

12 03 2010
Sharon King

I love your blog. Today’s message was very timely. You are Karen are very positive and it is catagious. Keep up the good work. Please give Karen my very best regards. I’m still hanging out here at Bank of America.

Love in Christ,

Sharon King

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