Know who you are!

2 03 2010

I’ve been thinking about this blog for awhile now since we’ve just come through a series of messages at our church ( called Identity Theft.  I think that this is a real issue with people these days not only with the state of our economy and natural disasters occurring regularly and death and illness all around us, but because people just haven’t come to grips with REAL CHRISTIANITY.

This is what I believe REAL CHRISTIANITY IS…

1) Self – Denial/Sacrifice – rather than the norm of going after what you want at any cost, deny yourself for the sake of others.  We are a selfish, self-centered and self-seeking society/culture and we need to get over it.  Real Christianity is about “denying ourselves, taking up our cross and following Christ.” All you have to do is open your eyes (and hearts) to the needs of others around you and serve them rather than yourself.  Rather than spend your money on just you and your wants, spend it to help someone else out.

2) Spiritual Death AND Spiritual Life – Your life is NOT your own.  It really isn’t.  I believe the Bible when it says that “I am crucified with Christ.  And the life that I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me.” So if I’m crucified, that means that I don’t live for myself or to myself anymore.  This kind of death provides real freedom and real joy and REAL accomplishment.

3) Commitment to ONE not any or many – we have spread ourselves so thin trying to please everyone that we usually wind up pleasing noone.  What I have found is that when I am committed to the ONE who redeemed me with His blood, I can have REAL commitment to the ones most important to me (my wife and children and family), to the LOST who need me to SHOW Jesus to them not just TELL them about Him.  They need to see the evidence and that is only seen when there is real commitment.

4) Fruit Bearing Lives – this one is tough…sort of.  The Bible is clear that we are revealed by our fruit.  Fruit comes in many types.  It is NOT just witnessing and leading others to Christ.  Fruit is born out of driving a golf cart and bringing folks from the parking lot to the front door of the church.  Fruit is born out of a hospital visit, a note of encouragement, an expression of love.  The world knows us by our love (John 13:34-35) and we need to be bearing fruit.  This is REAL CHRISTIANITY.

If you are one of those folks that call yourselves a Christian ‘just because” you want a ticket out of hell, I hope you are concerned.  I hope you wrestle with the issue of salvation and with your own IDENTITY.  I would read the Gospel of John and Romans until the Spirit brings you to your knees out of desperation.    So, who are you anyway?  What do people say about you?  Are you being rejected?  Made fun of?  Laughed out because of your faith?  Do you find yourself NOT being asked out with the rest of the group?  Feeling left out?  Welcome to REAL CHRISTIANITY!  It can be lonely until you find folks that LOVE Jesus like you do.  But always remember this, the beauty of REAL CHRISTIANITY is that you are NEVER alone.  You are NEVER let down.  And you are NEVER without a friend!